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Focused on developing commercial and tailored cutting-edge web browser solutions for Law Enforcement, Osint Analyst, Techops engineers, MSSP and Enterprises.

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Some of our Products developed and under development:
The First NextGen Multi Blockchain SaaS and API Timestamp solution


User Cases

Who are some of our customers and how they are using our software solutions:

Smart Browser Users

Customers that want superior browser experience by combining increased productivity through organization tools and higher security / anonymity.

Forensic Users

Forensic specialists that require to acquire digital forensic evidence with focus on maintaining chain of custody.


Open source intelligence analysts investigating, collecting and evaluating digital evidence.


In case of brand infringement, reputation damage and anti- counterfeit cases that requires online supporting evidence.

Law Enforcement

To investigate, survey or perform digital analysis that require as supporting evidence some online content.


By companies investigating system events, fraud or suspicious online activity linked to their employees.

Our Philosophy and Mission

We use our experience in the field to identify gaps and create solutions that solve daily challenges and optimize your valuable time.

We leverage the latest technological advancements to build the next generation of products, increasing the quality while driving costs down for the customer.

Meet the Founders

Behind our software’s success is the talent and passion of a diverse group of specialists.

Riccardo is a seasoned and passionate Security Expert, he possesses over 20 years of combined experience in Cyber-Physical Security Operations and software development with focus on Digital Forensics, Incident Response and OSINT.

Silvia is a Senior Financial Expert as she has over 15 years of combined experience in Business Administration, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention with focus on Digital Innovation and Business Strategy.

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